The Green Beans, Volume 1: The Mystery of Hollow Oak

The Green Beans, Volume 1: The Mystery of Hollow Oak
: Gabriel Gadget
: 150
: Kids : 9-12
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In the rural town of Hollow Oak, life is good for a team of young baseball players known as the Green Beans. Their days are filled with friendship, fun, and the game that they love.

In recent days, Neil (the Beans’ fearless centerfielder) has heard strange things in the forest that lies just beyond the outfield fence. Although he hasn’t been able to pinpoint the source of the weird noises, he can’t shake the feeling of being watched. Neil has begun to suspect that there’s something prowling within the woods, hidden among the trees and shadows. He’s not sure what it is… but whatever it is, it’s BIG.

His curiosity engaged, Neil convinces his closest friends (and a Labradoodle named Nibbler) to join him on a quest to discover what's roaming the forest of Hollow Oak. Excited by the prospect of adventure, they eagerly agree to join him in the search. But the Green Beans will soon realize that they are not prepared for what awaits them, and that there is more to this mystery than they can imagine…

“The Green Beans” is a series of middle grade novels featuring elements of adventure, mystery, science fiction, and the paranormal. Recommended for ages 9-12 (and anybody who is still young at heart).

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