The Shells Of Chanticleer

The Shells Of Chanticleer
: Maura Patrick
: Spiderweb Press
: 240
: Kids : General
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Everyone's afraid of something .....

When the accidental jab of a sharp splinter results in a life-threatening illness, Macy Winters becomes delirious and is at death’s door. Like a modern day Sleeping Beauty, she hovers between life and death, awakening in a beautiful land called Chanticleer, where everything is always, absolutely perfect.

So perfect that Macy is convinced she must have died and gone to heaven. She is quickly assured that she has been purposely brought to Chanticleer to eliminate her pesky childhood fears. She is soon off on a series of frightful challenges designed to make her a stronger, braver girl.

Chanticleer is not without its dark side. Every student there knows it is best to learn your lessons quickly and get out because those who can’t--or won’t--are subject to a hideous fate.

Macy vows to do everything she can to get out of Chanticleer quickly. Yet when she falls for Sebastian, a fellow student, she suddenly changes her mind. For to wake up from Chanticleer is to forget everyone there and forgetting Sebastian is the last thing she ever wants to do. But no one in Chanticleer is who they seem to be and Macy soon discovers that her and Sebastian’s fairy-tale ending will come at a price, a price she may ultimately be too afraid to pay.

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