Dracula's Demeter

Dracula's Demeter
: Doug Lamoreux
: Creativia
: 391
: Fiction : General
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In his classic 'Dracula', with a few cryptic entries in an unnamed captain's journal, Bram Stoker offered hints of the voyage that brought the vampire king from his homeland to a blood-rich London. Now, the whole mind-rending tale is told.

July, 1897. The Demeter sets sail from Varna, carrying fifty oblong boxes filled with earth. A month later in the middle of a raging storm, the derelict schooner runs aground in Whitby. The only living thing aboard is a huge dog that vanishes into the night.

Join Doug Lamoreux, author of The Devil's Bed, for rousing sea adventure, for romance, and for terror. Come aboard Dracula's Demeter.

"A fiendishly clever and welcome addition to the Dracula mythology." -Aaron Christensen, Fangoria Magazine-
Dracula's Demeter is a 2012 Lord Ruthven award nominee and a two-time Amazon bestseller in Vampire Horror.

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