Feast of the Antlion

Feast of the Antlion
: Caro Ayre
: Caro Ayre
: 340
: Fiction : Drama
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Action, romance, and intrigue in Kenya. Widow Sandra Harriman fights to protect a wildlife sanctuary from poachers, armed gangs, and business rivals.

An antlion is an insect that creates mini volcano like craters of finely sifted sand into which ants fall and are unable to escape. Sandra feels like an ant in one of these traps as she fights to protect the Wildlife Conservation Scheme left in her care for her two step-children. Nothing has equipped her for the role of widow, step-mother and estate manager. She faces a struggle to deal with armed gangs, poachers and a murderer on the ranch. But hardest of all is unravelling her dead husband's secrets to find out who she can trust.

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