: Cheree Alsop
: 243
: Fiction : General
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Wonderful! The best new fantasy series I've read in quite some time. Excellent character building, truly evil bad guys, adventure, love, forgiveness, pathos & room to expand the cast & their journeys. I find myself rubbing my hands in anticipation.. Brava, Ms. Alsop, Brava! – Lyndy E. Wright
My heart soared reading this fantastic tale of love, loss, redemption, pain and hope. It is simply amazing. No words can describe the beauty of the soul reflected in these pages. – Ashely- Amazon Reviewer
The author is a master at young adult action, sci-fi/fantasy. – Rachel Andersen
The characters and the story are what make this great, and I like the flawed hero, Kale. - Christian McCallister
This book kept me wanting more... A great page turner. - Amanda
Heroes Kale, Saro, and now Reese fight for Galdoni rights, safety, and freedom to live a normal life among humans. This is also a romance like the first two. Just like our previous heroes, Reese is a better man with a woman to give him the drive to be more than he was created to be. – Busymom- Amazon Reviewer
This series a Rocks. Great characters and fast fun reading. You get it all with this storyline, love, passion, anger and revenge, download them all and I promise you won't stop reading them till you're done. – Doughgirl61
...To my delight she wove in the characters from book one and told a tale that takes a good look at problems within our society such as prejudice, abuse, and greed. The Galdoni series is wonderful for YA, dystopia, fantasy, paranormal, and romance readers as well as anyone else that likes to read a good book. – Rachel Anderson- Reviewer
I starting reading this book expecting it to be another story of an angel falling for a mortal. Not the case at all! Galdoni are actually a breed created by scientists for the purpose of fighting. Not just any fighting but fighting to their death. On television. They are born and raised for that purpose only. When "Kale", finds he is freed temporarily and finds himself among the humans, he discovers there is so much more to him than fighting. He discovers his humanity, along with the ability to love. And for the first time ever.....he discovers friends. Such a well written, entertaining, thought provoking read. Showing us the ugliness that greed can create as well as the love that comes from understanding. I loved the storyline, the anti-bullying message and how Cheree shows us with her imagination that everyone deserves a second chance. – TradyD- Amazon Reviewer

“This is the Arena, and here we live to die.” This is the motto of genetically-altered gladiators, the winged humans called Galdoni. Kale, nursed back from the brink of death by students, is given the chance to experience life as a human. When he is captured, he has to use what he learned in the world outside the Academy in order to free the other Galdoni and return to the human girl he loves.

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