Just Evil (The Evil Secrets Trilogy Book 1)

Just Evil (The Evil Secrets Trilogy Book 1)
: Vickie McKeehan
: Beachdevils Press
: 404
: Fiction : General
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The Evil Secrets Trilogy

Three best friends grow up among the Hollywood glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills. But their childhood was far from ideal. Haunted by the dark clouds of abuse, they stand together to survive no matter what. But when a stranger shows up bent on revenge, he threatens to expose a double murder forty years in the past. The evil they've lived with for so long comes back full circle, bringing old fears and nightmares to the surface, threatening everything they hold dear.

Just Evil

A survivor of an abusive childhood, Kit Griffin cherishes her new life of freedom. But when her tyrannical mother is found brutally murdered on Mother's Day, the horrors of her past threaten to destroy her. When she becomes the prime suspect, when the body count continues to rise, Kit must convince the police there's a cold-blooded killer on the loose, a killer working his way down a mysterious list of victims all connected to her mother's evil--a killer who has Kit Griffin squarely in his sights.

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