Distant Relatives: A Novel

Distant Relatives: A Novel
: John Agostino
: 263
: Fiction : SciFi
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"DISTANT RELATIVES" A Novel by John Agostino

Jack Treglia suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. An unfortunate result of two tours of duty in Vietnam. In an effort to forget, the ex-Marine keeps his Bronze Star tucked away in his underwear drawer---well, he did before the tornado.

After one of his Vietnam War flashbacks---the one when he can’t save a small child from enemy fire---he wakes up in a hospital, blind and suffering from partial amnesia. He remembers his wife and children. He just can’t remember what happened to them.

Jack befriends a nurse who resembles his wife. Together they try to discover what happened to his family. She helps him remember things, bizarre things, including the massive Coronary Embolism that killed him.

That’s right, dead!

But that won’t stop him from finding his family. And his death is nothing compared to what he learns about his nurse!

If you love to root for the underdog and you believe in guardian angels, then you'll love this novel about life, family, and the distant relatives we'll someday meet in heaven.


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