Dragon Lust (Dragonfire Series Book 1)

Dragon Lust (Dragonfire Series Book 1)
: Kelly Armenta
: Dragonfire Romance
: 380
: Fiction : General
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My name is Lexi Helyanwe and I am a Dragon. Well actually I am part Dragon, part Elf, with twist of Lust Demon thrown in. I too was bioengineered by my parents, whose goal is to save the Dragon race and maybe the Elves, too. Of course if that secret gets out it’s likely I’ll end up sliced and diced on a stainless steel table in some underground lab. My Father somehow managed to break the DNA code and engineer ten male Dragons and little ol’ me. Not great odds when your goal is to save an entire race, but someone had killed his partners and trashed his lab. He’d had no choice but to go into hiding, which ultimately prevented any more experimentation. Lucky for me no one knew that Mom had been inseminated and I was already on a path that would lead me to this room some twenty five years later.

Up until recently I’d managed to live a quiet life in which I was a mild mannered manual writer during the day. However, my nights were a different matter entirely. During the wee hours of the night I liked to skip through the highways and byways of the seedy part of town, working to ensure decent folk were safe from the local non-human underbelly inhabiting San Francisco. This just happened to be one of the reasons why at this exact moment I was sitting in the conference room surrounded by the heads of the most prominent non-human crime organizations. Of course none of them know I’m the one they’re looking for, except of course Jace and Gareth. But then , it was their conference room and their meeting.

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