Screw, God and the Universe: A Metaphysical Dark Humor Sci Fi Novel

Screw, God and the Universe: A Metaphysical Dark Humor Sci Fi Novel
: Graeme Wilkinson
: Sixth Element Publishing
: 288
: Fiction : SciFi
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The first volume in the Battenberg Trilogy, Graeme Wilkinson’s bizarro fiction novels set in his dystopian universe of wonder and weirdness. Immensely entertaining, totally subversive grotesque and absurd fiction.

Poor old Albumen Strunk. Not only does he have a nasty case of dental malpractice hanging over his head, he’s also just been killed in a terrible car accident. And what’s worse, he then finds his very confused, and supposedly dead self, chucked out of the local pub to be sent marching across a muddy moor toward a meeting that will change his after-life forever.

Soon Albumen is spinning wildly through a heady mix of drinking contests, grumpy celestial beings, strange old men, dwarves, amnesia and a race against time to save existence itself!

Will the universe live to tell the tale? Not bloody likely!

"A mind-bending romp into uncharted waters of comedy few can traverse well, but the author manages it flawlessly. If you like Robert Rankin then this is for you. Python meets Douglas Adams meets Peter Cook in a car accident. Bloody brilliant!”

“Haven’t laughed at a book so much in a long time.”

“Fantastic read with more twists and turns than a twisty turny thing.”

“A fantastic mix of fiction – post-apocalyptic, metaphysical, science fiction and the absurd – all in one collection.”

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